The little big agency—that’s how we’re often remembered. Carefully modelled to offer a full creative service, we combine sound thinking with powerful and relevant ideas to help some of the world’s most heralded brands connect with their customers.




Welcome to SandisonPay. We are a brand & communications agency that has been dynamically modelled to offer clients a full repertoire of premium,affordable marketing and creative services.

We’ve been called many things in our time: Quick and responsive. Talented. Supportive. Communicative. Fuss-free. And while we appreciate the plaudits, we stay focused on making meaningful differences to our clients’ businesses.

That means solving problems (we’ve been known to fix the unfixable), working off a solid base with a clear strategy, and producing the kind of creativity that makes your customers react. Above all, we believe that every time a brand operates in a medium, it must be accompanied by an honest, necessary, aesthetic and effective idea.




SandisonPay has a multi-disciplinary core that outputs on-line and off-line projects in equal measures. While a pool of strategic alliances allows us to scale and diversify as and when you need it.

This flexibility has allowed us to punch way above our weight—it’s a privilege to work with some of the world’s biggest and best-known brands. But we also treasure the kinds of opportunities our SME clients bring us. The magic is in the mix. And as projects come through our doors, we treat each one as if it was our first—complacency is not in our DNA.



There are no shortcuts to brand ascendancy. To build a solid platform for engagement, we use competitor reviews, target groups and research to identify how your brand needs to operate—and where it can win.


We can’t buy into design for design’s sake—we work to make meaningful differences. Our studio team is a thinking team that uses technological know-how and lashings of creativity to ensure brands go to market with confidence.

Web & digital

Strong design and user experience are integral to the work we produce in this medium. But an idea will always sit at the heart of it, with commercial considerations like future planning being the bedrock that supports it.


When crafting detailed marketing plans, we start with a single intent: putting as much creativity into strategy as we do into execution. With this approach paying dividends, we thrive on collaborating with clients who are happy pushing boundaries.

Video & animation

We treat live action as one of the most exciting and useful ways to bring your brand to life. Our digital projects are sometimes inclusive, often interactive, and always engaging; we create to capture audience imaginations.

Account Based Marketing

Our strategic alliances extend to PR and Communications teams across the United Kingdom. We work in unison, to deliver streamlined creative assets for large-scale content marketing agencies.

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is transforming games, film, entertainment, communication, education and much more. SandisonPay creates 360° CGI immersive and interactive VR experiences.

Augmented Reality (AR)

Augmented Reality or AR, blends computer-generated content, graphics or video with live, real-world environments. It allows your audience to interact with products, engage employees and help with training. AR can be delivered on mobile devices, tablets, or AR glasses.

360 Video

360° video is one of the most entertaining ways to engage with audiences today. The development of 360° video players on Facebook and YouTube makes it even easier to share this new medium.



Our clients and partners.

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