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How Consistent Creative Branding Can Enhance Your Events

October 12, 2017

How Consistent Creative Branding Can Enhance Your Events

Events are held with the sole purpose of engaging face to face with people; whether they are customers, employees, prospects or stakeholders, physically getting in front of people is one of the best ways of communicating your message. However, events take a lot of time and effort, so it’s important that every stage of the process, from concept to execution, is focused on maximising participant engagement.

The success of any event will depend on effective planning and this includes thinking about the look and feel of the event at an early stage. Event branding needs to be creative, different, stand out and imaginative. SandisonPay has been involved with various events for a diverse range of clients and this experience has helped us develop a tried-and-tested strategy for creating effective and consistent event branding, which is key to achieving the best possible results.

It all starts with developing creative branding and clever content. This is then applied to a targeted campaign across various channels to ensure excellent attendance. The concept continues throughout the event itself for consistency and brand recognition and any follow-up material after the event stays on brand to form a logical conclusion.


Creative event branding is an evolving process; we start with a design concept that forms the basis of the campaign and can then continue to develop other design elements whilst maintaining a clear and strong message. A sense of cohesion and clarity is essential for the core message to be recognised in different touch-points across the campaign.

Introducing a cohesive design concept to your campaign will strengthen the impact of your event. The use of a core theme, such as an eye catching strapline across print and digital displays will create a sense of identity and consistency.

See our work with Allianz Events team where we purely focused on the brand and design elements –

Launch campaign

We can increase awareness in the lead up to the event through various platforms. Whether it’s a printed formal invite, a teaser-video, an online registration micro-site or a social-media campaign, we have the experience to build a groundswell of interest and maximise attendance. With our design expertise, we can also guarantee visual consistency across all channels.

With a strong focus on opportunities leading up to the event, we can bring our wealth of experience to help with targeted campaign planning. This will not only ensure maximum exposure; it will also enhance the customer experience.

See some of our work for Tata Communications —

The event

An eye catching design with a strong core message, creative branding and a targeted launch will get people to your event, but to ensure a complete customer experience, the event itself needs to live up to the promotional hype. Everything from place settings to PowerPoint slides should follow the core concept and maintaining brand consistency from the moment your guests arrive will leave a powerful and memorable impact. Any communication with attendees after the event should stay on brand to complete the experience.

See our case study for Clipper Yachts —


Our team understands the whole event process, including schedules, timing, the customer journey, the feeling of event awareness and how to create that all important buzz. We can help, as much or as little is needed to support your marketing team, so that they can concentrate on organising the event itself. Get in touch today to see how SP can make your next event a sell-out.

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