The importance of creative event branding – using targeted design campaigns

Event branding needs to be creative, different, stand out and imaginative. Events are held with the sole purpose of engaging face-to-face with existing and new customers. They take a huge amount of time and effort, so the experience needs to be exceptional. Great events are memorable and it all starts with creative branding and clever content, backed up by focused and targeted campaigns to ensure excellent attendance.

Event Planning

The success of any event will depend on effective planning during the build-up. Many businesses will often overlook this preliminary stage, which is key to achieving the best possible results.

With a strong focus on opportunities leading up to the event, we at Sandison Pay can bring our wealth of experience to help with targeted campaign planning. This will not only ensure maximum exposure, it will also enhance the customer experience. Our team understands the whole event process, including schedules, timing, the customer journey, the development of event awareness and how to create that all-important buzz.

Event Branding

Our approach to creative event branding considers ways to capture customer interest, create hype and boost attendance. We can increase event awareness in the lead up through various platforms over a chosen time frame. We can help, as much or as little as needed, to support your marketing team so that they can concentrate on organising the event itself.

Cohesive design across all the touch points and collateral of your campaign strengthens the impact of your event. For example, the use of a core aesthetic theme, such as an eye-catching strapline across print and digital displays, will create a sense of identity and consistency.

Design concept

Creative event branding is an evolving process. Starting with a strong design concept, we can continually develop all of the required material while maintaining a clear overarching message. A sense of cohesion and clarity is essential for the core message to be recognised in different design elements across the whole campaign.

Our creative team will create eye-catching designs, keeping a focus on the overall purpose and goals.

A memorable impact

A powerful design with a strong core message, creative branding and targeted event planning will ensure a complete customer experience, leaving an impressive and memorable impact. Please contact us to discover how Sandison Pay can help take the stress out of your pre-event planning and deliver the best results.