Rebranding how to…

“Where do I start?” is probably the first thought that enters your head when faced with a rebrand for your business. Rebranding offers a great opportunity to strengthen the company’s presence and image in the eyes of your customers. It’s important to know what you want from a rebrand and research can go a long way to helping you achieve that.

First.. do you need a rebrand or a logo refresh?

Refresh – This is a lighter and more targeted effort. Sometimes a simple refresh makes more sense when specific elements of the brand could use an update e.g. the logo or product packaging look dated.
Rebrand – This is a wide-reaching, brand overhaul. If part of the business has changed for instance, you’re looking at a completely new market, going for a different demographic, selling a new core product; or are undergoing a merger/acquisition—it might make sense to reconsider the entire brand strategy and execution.

If you need a rebrand here’s our tips to get you started…

1. Research your market, find out who are your competitors, who are your customers and why do they buy from you?
2. Do research to understand what is wrong, what isn’t wrong, and what will make things better.
3. Look at what you do and understand your offering to the market.
4. What do you want your brand to say?
5. Keep evolving your brand to keep it in tune with the needs of your customers.