UK design agency SandisonPay delivers for £7.5bn Mansour Group despite lockdown

Remote global working enables launch of art-based visuals for conglomerate

· Egypt’s second largest revenue company partners with small UK agency
· New podcast and social media projects launched despite pandemic
· Illustrations bring designs to life as part of £60k project

The £7.5bn global, giant Mansour and small, UK-based design agency SandisonPay have defied the challenges of lockdown and cross-border working to deliver a collaborative, illustration-led project for the Group.

Despite the onset of the pandemic, joint working across Egypt, Italy and England enabled the new podcast and bespoke social media designs to be launched on time.

As part of the project, SandisonPay founder Claire Pay commissioned UK illustrator Rachel Hartwell to help bring the Group’s narrative to life with a fresh take on the visual design work for LinkedIn and the website.

Claire said: “This project has demonstrated how remote working can triumph and overcome huge challenges. During the first few weeks of lockdown, Mansour’s senior consultant was calling us from Italy, we were working in the UK with the illustrator and liaising with our client in Egypt.

“Using illustration meant we could tailor it to the client’s needs and work with them in a style they truly embraced. We’ve really enjoyed approaching a digital platform with a traditional illustration.”

Often overlooked in the digital space, the approach has been embraced for its flexibility, creativity and the control it offers, compared with using stock images.

Mansour’s Italian-based senior business development consultant, Deborah Realini De Vladar, authorised a new podcast project and directives during the country’s darkest days. In turn, SandisonPay commissioned the Group’s illustrations during the UK’s lockdown.

The conglomerate, Egypt’s second largest company by revenue, selected SandisonPay as its agency 18 months ago, as part of a pitch, choosing the small, close-knit team in Hampshire due to their “expansive network” and “a similar family ethos and values”.

With a presence in more than 100 countries, using functional networks is a critical part of Mansour’s working practice – mirrored by SandisonPay – despite the vast differences in scale.

As partners, they have barely broken stride despite the disruptive influence of coronavirus. Video calls have replaced face-to-face meetings, allowing the client, the communications agency, illustrators, designers and others to share strategies, budgets, timelines and ideas across borders. “Despite geographical boundaries and distance, the results we’re achieving are amazing,” added Deborah. “This is living proof that nothing is impossible if you have the right attitude, good communication, teamwork, and a spirit of collaboration. We’re full of hope for 2020 – projects will roll on.”

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