The importance of brand values, whatever your business faces.

Here at SandisonPay, like at most businesses, we were so busy growing and working on our clients’ brands that we had neglected to define our values and proposition clearly.

Luckily for us, just as we started to look for the solution to this, we came across Brian. Right time and right place, he offered the external industry viewpoint we needed but would struggle to define on our own.

So, with Brian’s help, we started to piece together what we stand for as a business, why our clients work with us, what makes us different in this busy marketplace, and, most importantly, how we leverage all of this to grow our existing clients and communicate to new potential customers. Brian also helped us to understand the importance of our values when recruiting new people — that alignment you need as a small team to operate effectively. To date, this has all been very instinctive, but having a clear definition of our values will make hiring and retaining staff smoother in the future.

A big thank you to our clients

We wanted to say that, without our clients taking time out to allow Brian to interview them, this process wouldn’t have worked so well. We really appreciate the time they took to give their feedback on our work, our team and our practices as an agency.

The outside view

The process with Brian has been eye-opening and positive for everyone in the business. Brian’s words are below:

I started working with SandisonPay in September 2019, when Claire approached me to discuss her long-term vision for the agency and how she might engage her team on the journey.

We agreed to start by taking a good look ‘under the hood’ at the current operation/positioning and then decided on a collective vision for the business so that we could unite the team behind a long-term plan.

In speaking with some of SP’s clients directly and interviewing each member of the SP team, two things became immediately apparent. Firstly, that clients loved the creative work and working with the team at SP; which was itself a manifestation of a strong, open and collaborative culture in the business. Secondly, SP was guilty of not doing justice to its brand proposition. So, we re-articulated the offer, made sure the customer voice was more prominent within the marketing and set out an ambitious vision for the agency to strive towards.

The final stage of the process was to help the whole team come together to articulate the values which underpin their culture and will drive them towards their vision. This also served to gain the team’s understanding and buy-in of the strategies we set out as the focus to deliver on our ambition.

At every stage, Claire, Gray and the team were a delight to work with. Highly engaged, positive and open to new ideas. I have no doubt that they will make the vision a reality with the same degree of creativity and enthusiasm they bring to their client briefs.

Brian Mansfield
Brandjay Consulting Limited

The inside track

Defining a brand’s values and its proposition is something we always aim to do with our clients as early as possible. The irony isn’t lost on us that we hadn’t done this for ourselves until now. However, our time with Brian has only reinforced the importance of such an exercise; no matter how big or small the business.

If this post resonates with you, contact us to see how SandisonPay can help you define your brand values and apply those values to your brand, marketing and everything you do.