The Power of Powerpoint

Three months worth of meetings, top-level decisions, creating strategy, hours of consultation, number crunching, thoughts and facts and figures all contribute to what could be the deciding factor of a huge contract deal with an impressive client WHO may be asking for millions in investment, where everything comes down to final step – the presentation.

So you arrive at the meeting, open up the laptop and seamlessly click through the most awful looking powerpoint presentation which has no real reflection of the time spent and investment of thoughts behind the data and preparation.

Its actually shocking how common this is! But why?

It’s usually because building the PowerPoint presentation is the last thing on the list, collating the data, forever deadline driven, always last minute. In an ideal world, you’d allow at least two weeks to get the deck ready, refined, and professionally designed.

However, in the real world, it’s done over the weekend before on a 13” laptop screen with some hastily grabbed clip art or generic images you found on Google.

One of the most uninspiring pieces of software invented… Powerpoint; yet it is still used by so many people and is the most standard way of winning a client.

It’s a Designer’s worst nightmare I can assure you; its clunky, restrictive and quite frankly a nuisance to work with…

So, shelving that… We have developed an absolute knack for developing stunning PowerPoint’s that can save the day.

I’m far from saying that we want to be known as ‘The Powerpoint agency’ exclusively – I think my staff would kill me – but we do feel passionate about your brand and maximising your sales and business opportunities regardless of software.