Mansour Group


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Project details:

The Mansour Group are a global, family-owned conglomerate with 60,000 employees. They have a presence in more than 100 countries and total revenues exceeding $7.5 billion. We acquired their brand and website business in a 2018 pitch against much larger agencies; they had a preference for a small, nimble, creative partner whose values aligned with their own. In the 18 months to date, we’ve worked alongside communications agency Hawthorn on narrative and brand development, two site builds and two full-scale video productions.

We chose to commission an illustrator to work with us on the Mansour Group project.

We needed to bring the narrative to life in a new way – to show the five key business values of global reach, approach, leadership style, positive impact and our origins.

We selected strong emotive images for the Man Capital website, applying a atmospheric effect across the landscape view.

I am very proud with the results we delivered for Man Capital and Mansour Group and especially I am very happy to of have achieved this together with amazing results even with geographical distances. This is the proof that good communication, teamwork, collaboration spirit and a positive and right attitude to work can be achieved and nothing is impossible.

Deborah Realini De Vladar, Senior Business Development Consultant
Mansour Group