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Project details:

Project_R is a health and fitness studio, specifically tailored to offer 121 coaching. Setting them apart from a standard “gym”, we developed a values document to help position them as a health and all-round well-being brand, first and foremost.

We’ve been working closely with the team at Project_R for the last 3 years. Brand work, interiors, colours, positioning, ongoing social media support and business development ideas have all played their part in the growth and development of this flourishing business, with each touchpoint adhering to the overall brand plan.

The photography that has been developed fully reflects the 121 nature of the fitness studio.

Simple, easy to navigate and strong call to actions were needed across the website, along with the ability to see who is behind the business, the focus is on the clients.

The support from SandisonPay throughout the brand development process has been integral to our successful growth and confidence. The team have been onboard with the entire brand since the outset; when the business was just an idea we had a clear vision to work with and this underpins the business as it stands today.

They helped us create our brand values and by working with us on our brand identity, helped position us in a competitive market. Our brand colours have been fed through to every touchpoint over the last 2 years of business in both physical materials and digital media.

Without this solid brand process we wouldn’t have been able to scale at such a speed and have the success we’ve had to date – SandisonPay have worked alongside us continually and are still a key part of our business today. 

Rob Newman, Owner