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Project details:

Hitachi Security Business Group is a new UK division focused on driving change in the vein ID biometric industry. We work on all their social media, asset creation, website design development and enhancements, and video projects.

This is supported with ongoing updates. To date, our team has also developed creative for numerous product launches, the latest being the Hitachi VeinID Five.

We have been working with the teams in the UK and Japan to define the name of the new Vein ID. We then developed the identity and the branding for this global launch.

With any product launch it’s important to have a full suite of sales materials ready to go and equally for Hitachi they need to be able to sit within the overall Hitachi brand.

Over the last 2 years SandisonPay has been instrumental in taking complex security messaging relating to Hitachi Digital platforms and creating a series of infographics to be published online and shared on social media to drive customers to the monthly blogs. The infographics have been extremely well received and we continue to work closely with the team at SandisonPay who are always very professional and responsive to our needs.

Peter Jones, Head of Marketing
Hitachi Digital Solutions Information Systems Group